Top 3 Dreamcast Games That I Currently Own

The Dreamcast is a hell of system, and people still love it to this day. It was far ahead of its time, and didn’t receive anywhere near the support it deserved. With games like Shenmue, NFL 2K, and Soulcaliber it’s almost impossible for anyone to make a list that everyone agrees with. Instead of attempting to rank the Dreamcast’s impressive library I’m going to stick to ranking the games I currently own.

As an avid video game collector I’d estimate I own roughly between 600 to 800 video games spanning across multiple platforms from many console generations, and started my Dreamcast collection over a year ago. Anyways here is the definitive ranking of Dreamcast games I currently own.

The Grinch is much cooler with glasses

3. The Grinch

I bought The Grinch when I bought my Dreamcast because it was three dollars, and I didn’t have anything else. Like most of the games I buy that cost less than five dollars I’ve never played it, but I’ve seen gameplay on YouTube somewhere. From my incredibly shitty memory I think you can throw rotten eggs and butt stomp, you know things that the Grinch is famous for.

Looks as good as the live action movie.

2. The Grinch

Yes this isn’t a mistake the second best game on Dreamcast I own is The Grinch. Some people may say that’s not how lists work, but in this case I think it’s very appropriate because it’s without a doubt the second best.

1. The Dreamcast gathering dust

My favorite game I currently own is watching the Dreamcast collect dust. The way dust settles is actually kind of cool sometimes, and its impressive how thick it can be! Honestly since I bought the thing I haven’t even plugged it in, so I’m not even sure if I paid for a Dreamcast that works, but with games like The Grinch can you really blame me?

Got a favorite Dreamcast game you currently own? Let me know in the comments!

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