Made a boob today.

boss literally gets lasered like an idiot

Im the Dumbo meme ranker

My paychecks always come in real unsanitary

Working in fast food place at night makes me a man of culture.

Check out my OnlyFans if you’re brave

I’m the self-appointed piggybank inspector

Hey everyone. Im here because I want you to know that I hate working outside.

I always try to keep an eye on the Transformers twitter account since I became janitor of Montréal Gazette

Is the price of making a living doing sex to this anime pillow? Not for me boss

Here I am in employed poverty, living to be 91.

I wanted to use gamer shower fluid for sandwiches. Boss said no

and here we are moonlighting as a prostitute, payed extremely little in cash

 Not cool talking about your new fursuit on the work discord

Im telling you Id make such a good saloon cock boy. Its nothing.

Cast your fool of a manager away. Banish his ass

One time Alec and I were hookers. but the kind that doesn’t accept cash payments

Turn up the volume and jerk those suckers. We ain’t getting paid by the hour here

I got freaky mad early on in the Applebees job.

fucking messy process with messy results

I just fired the fuck out of some dude named Bailey for sucking on a Garden hose

Shaking my ass in front of handicapped people for $1 Billion Dollars

Judging peoples mugs for how much pride they show

Brady hurries to work

This baby putting a bigger fight than I could’ve ever imagined. I ain’t losing this bet

Shopping for: Orange cleats, Rolex, stink bombs, HALO & ROBIN, OTHER STUFF, $100

working at Comcast and some nosy baby is shadowing me

Looking for a blond dude to sit next to me and say “Youre doing a good job”

Work was hard because I still fail to understand meatballs..

Took a break from designing animal reproductive systems to see how to make money

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