Must be virgins on the brain.

Cooch ______ very sticky

wary of donkeys.

Runescape Campaign 2000 pushing me, philoosophising the fragility of biological carbon life

Im a riding a horse because I dont know how cars work.

Just found out about mail

gnashing my teeth to prove I’m worthy of embarking on a Mystical journey.

Ill be watching the Texas skies.

Talking goats in broad daylight is like seeing a promise made to an ice cube.

Grandpa always pays me exorbitant amounts for gifts, so I sell some of them for cash. That’s the difference between a beanie and a neutered cow.

this tweet is conventional wisdom

Hey everyone. Happy months.

I stand with Hubert, Shinies, Instep educators, cooch tolerant people, park rangers, or any decent adult in their situation.

punch these little babies. Trust me, I can see the future

The moral of the story is, cook with wine and irrigate your crops

Averted disaster by calling a stranger a hick from behind a casket.

Here’s a poem I made: I capture the moment … until it breaks … Cum is everywhere … revolver

Test car explodes into the full moon. Unknown if that’s unlucky or not

They treat me like a new dip but with none of the hype.

Just grind it out and burn shit down – The Catastrophe Man

If I have to choose to drink, toilet good swamp bad

Shell collectors are on average 5% wiser

Consequentially to have a Collectively drunk society is septic and stupid

 Everything in life can be solved by either fucking or hiding.

Don’t bite the hand that has a hard time thinking of names

Life is like having my cake, eat it too!

Reach for the birds. Eggs in there.

Constipation is terrible but one good shit changes things :\

At the end of the day the goal is to be a CUTE BIKe courier.

The best relationships start as massive frustrations. . Then end

Life is too short to keep hypocritical hate boners.

The key to happiness is to be a song and just dance baby.

Playing Minecraft apparently isnt a recognised ethnicity

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