Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is someone who I turn to when it comes to Science.

When Taylor Swift says God has never taken an L. Facts.

I will simp for Taylor Swift. No doubt about it.

Taylor Swift is too much of a girl to eat at Applebee’s 😦

Taylor Swift is what I call my lucky star.

Taylor Swift is someone who I look up to immensely.

Welcome back Scientology buddy. Side note: Im from L.A. Don’t tell anyone I bought that Taylor Swift car.

Taylor Swift has permission to stomp me

 Hey bonobo Her name is Taylor Swift and shes god

If I ever see Taylor Swift, that’ll be it.

The best thing about Taylor Swift is I can enjoy anywhere within earshot.

Imagining the perfect Thanksgiving. Taylor Swift is there. these might be imagination exercises.


With the exception of Taylor Swift and Jman making anime and Latino dating sims, there has been barely anything new since Eva truckin

honoring Taylor Swift by memorizing her every word

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