Moonball baseball. Guy has to be a saint to be named Sunball.

Guess what? Dale Dan Hubert is standing on the sideline, mask on, cheering the shit out of me when I try to defend

Media playback is unsupported on your device to see this search Lionel Messi doing it big

Jay Cutler has the worst face you could possibly have. Ask any NFL cheerleader.

Frickball. There’s potential here

NBA mouth suckers? No time. I have a research mind

Can you imagine forcing a sleep tackle on a baby?

I’m running laps over here, and the waitresses are sexy!

Let me start by saying Dale Shepherd was 98% certain Jesus Christ was the goalie

You say we interfered with the scorecard on horseback. I just dropped the mortgage on the Persian. Please God help me

Found out that Freddy nut ball is not an actual athletic competition like the guy at school promised

Rawlings sports app solid showing milord

a T Rex is invincible just ask any football coach.

Guess Im just a closet kickboxer.


The history of WWE is filled with thinking to yourself “why do they keep curling! What are they doing? Wheres the cheese? Who knows”?

Gonna show Hockey Players how easy it is too not hit Girls

cute looking dude with the tiny football

Champ Johnson and Schrunch act like we didn’t have 191 martial arts practices just blocks away from here.

fucking dumb muttadile used his full body weight and WWE slammed my ass for an 80 dollar bill

College football sucks…

Trying to turn hypertension into a eSport

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