Im one of the stupid ones.

i wear necklaces. I am Lucy 1.

Dont give a sexy fuck!

pouring myself cups of tea to celebrate my successes

I’ve got a problem; I have to be the center of attention.

Im trying to hate myself, but I’m me.

im the motherfucking cloutCommando

my stupid junk is out and it smells great

I’m the dirtiest horse in the League. Could make minimum $$$ with that kinda style

At such an early hour I couldn’t fix my dry lips. Now I’m low on my fair share of scarcity tears

Why do people always ask if I’m insane? Because I ate all the rowhouses before me. Albeit, it was like 10

I jerk it to myself. Hulk Mode.

Had a good day today, but my citizens are definitely not pleased with me

I can’t sleep at night because I’m terrible at wiping my anus.

Something about me suggests something went mildly wrong.

I just want to call myself Panda, but it turns my gf on.

I failed tweens. I went too hard.

I am a hetero man!

Gerry is lonely, cant relate lol.

13 now and ngl I still haven’t stopped screaming

Alec is persuasive. I am a alien

Gays are keeping me focused~

I am the man in the bathtub yelling “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEET”

If Gerry gets a gf I’ll put on a fake fitness chest and parade around downtown. I’m not worried…

6 Things that I won’t shut up about.

1. i disrespect stinky water cups.

Today is the day we kick out the trash [Me]

I’m going to become the true chicken girl

I was kind of a raccoon just trying to get enough nutrients in there.

Penis+, clit, who cares. I never stepped foot outside in my underwear.

 They call me the Hotel Hampton piranhas man. It’s the worst name you can have please change it

Let’s try this: start referring to me as crossbowlizard

 Hey, hey, hey it’s me, Funky Dad.

 Got a bad wiener, doesn’t feel great but I make it work

I’m the best thing thats ever happened to me

Look at this little picture of my sink. Yes those are my balls in it

How do i say I’m the weirdo dude? I’m not the man that eats shit. but Look at me. All meat. All weirdo.

I’ve been reffered to as by my doctor as “sexy but pouty”

Nine out of 10 decisions I made as a child was born from my ‘gotcha’ gag reflex

He won’t call me master because of my flawless hip flex but I have the genes to prove I am

My toxic trait is hiding in the bushes and worrying a passerby will spit on me

I cALL my asshole the friendship pressure cooker

I have boob shaped bullets tattooed on my neck to prove my mom wrong

Took me 10 hours to master speeding talk

Currently listening to a self-proclaimed boob guy drown in a river

I have more information than most mammals have. They just use their heads and I use technology.

I learned to use chopsticks by quietly watching frisbees from a distance. Such elegance

In high school they used to call me Adonis. Now I hate first names and go by ‘google taxi commercial’

Check out a few of my catchphrases: You bastard, dummy pollen, I dont give a fuck. Ill slap the shit out of that guy’s bald head, Spot big puss just laying there.

Often times I just start repeating the word “igbo” to get out of conversations with others

I can walk on water-like subtances

I just got called a stench worse than vomit on Christmas morning

making shark boy inspirational pornography. This is potentially my lives legacy

someone @ Dinner Tuesday unintentionally depicted me as having sex with Drake at age 18

Wide awake and because of I’m gonna sleep

after my last plan failed I approached the toilet like an idiot and pulled out my freshly stained nuts

Someone just called me the KingCreepy type of creepy

I call myself Gorilla because of my peak male physique and general Shape

I just watch scrumptious videos on Pornhub. What do you do for fun?

I like to read christmas cards to strangers online for fun

I treat myself like I’m my own son. Do with that what you will.

myself is better than them.

My new thing is pointing to ugly faces and wink.

They think I’m ugly, that catches their eye.

I’m the pest in my living room.

I’m currently bigger and badder than any 17 yo I’ve ever seen

I kinda look like a 6 month old dove that died from heat exhaustioning

I look like toilet paper

Hey hey haters. You might as not be from North America, but you’ll definitely be vulnerable to my charm.

Lucy tells the goofball camera dog Matt to “shut up” and he does. Wouldn’t work on me.

first look at closeups of me showing off im a sexual doodadoodle

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