God youre So Lesbian. Ok. Kinda a weird thing to say

Just made an HD mess

Im Drunk Driving Sadly, sputtering led to driving.

Cool fact: All promises I’ve made I regret.

I can’t believe peoplere fucking tortured….

I love my fans and I’m sorry for my being offensive and stuff etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Got genuinely scared by Lizzy McGuire fanfic

Artists are doing nothing for me

Marbles won’t fit in my new dvd player

I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve never been wrong

I just joined some really racist club by a total mistake. Uh oh

God ive forgotten how to hug someone and assimilate

Its no big deal. My new hiding spot just isn’t a secret anymore

Clammoring for the days when I was cozy but irrelevant

I’m sorry I lied about being a car dealer. I’m sorry about my convincing facial expressions, but I avoided getting banned on Facebook because of it.

I’m sorry that I  mis-gendered you goofballs. I’ll make up for it

Sad my actions showed my side of stupid

This is the darkest hour of mylife. I promised Mildred I would destroy paramount plus

I tried to take pictures of my neck but I goofed it

Final score 10/100. Something isn’t right.

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