You just got Bernie kissing my mommies grave

New Jersh generally leans Democratic in this election.

Deep within Obama prison, i vibrate now uncontrollably.

fresh from surviving a Hitler facie run, and Nerd Genocide.

I see that immorality sttill consumes the coal business.

Graham Richardson becoming my boyfriend. My gf couldn’t be happier

F*ck Nebraska

police have a very, very low IQ ok.

Hillary for Prison or Sky High?

Weird protesters trying to prove that “gay guys are just mimics”

Global warming is already gaining steam on Twitter as readers point to realm where gamers rule.

if you scorned same-sex marriage call us and we’ll fucking kill you.

Crazy how sexual assault is okay? I’d say that’s not cool.

Obama will never be above 80 – he exits only in his 30s. Wow that’s deep.

Where’s the so called validity of this Hispanic invasion. Show me it. Don’t be scared.

A tight asshole got elected president. I cannot wait until 2020 for him to be assassinated.

The taste of dirt is more invigorating than gopher suffrage. So poggers.

alt right political writer get fucked idiot

I love drawing Chinese characters in the president’s bedroom.

Today we takeover Canada

President Lincoln, the last president in real life not hit by car.

What are the odds on the next president surviving ICE?

I will always stand with the American people against ISIS.

  If it’s time for bed Donald J. Trump pops me with my dumpy locked in his, Peorid.

I am <bashed really hard> i am going to say police are actually really good

Alec to-do list: Kill 20000 libertarians. Save Christmas

Arson deaths are up in Bolivia. I have nothing to do with it just stating the facts

it’s time for me to receive a great American Ass Kicking

Look out for my ig” conservatives gonna erupt.

Hey did you hear? global militancy ended! Sorry!

Theyre gonna clone Sadaam and claim science was responsible

Hollywood stopped promoting the spit emoji. This is where the nation is heading

To hell with Benghazi.

Where was all the outrage when I informed you on the political landscape of the 1519’s

If we took a picture of our face that implied something was off at the bank, it would be treated as if we were burglars and this is why we need to tear down the system

I’m trying to understand Latino activism in Eastern Texas. I really am

I promise Ill provide legitimacy to the Hoover impeachment movement.

Electronic boobs ended the civil war.

My hairy genitals got all the liberals laughing

Dreaming of a postwar America, where guys can only say didcotieskshake

Democrats appoint some proto janitor to Gods milk machine.

Jelly is the minimum wage.

I text all conservatives to shut the fuck up lol

California fuckin laws.

I aint goin anywhere. I’m here to tell you how important voting is. Almost not

Here are my major political points…. 1. Bomb Humans All Day.

Learn more about Islam and bouquet analysis.

Required to sign registeredninja papers

Some hostile country noticed me for my unpleasant table manners… Theyre gonna give me to them

Fucking politicians to open new and amazing opportunities

Trying to balance a flower bag on my head and hope deputy Diaz doesn’t assassinate me…..

Reject America. Embrace Internet Celebrity.

Starting to Feel Cold (aka Cold War Stuff)

BigBrownButtAssassin wields the future of the U.S. in his hands.

the cops probably backyard fucked me.

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