Pain & Sadness

Daddy’s done coming to see me 😦

I wake up in a cold sweat. Every night I have the worst nightmare I’ve ever had.

Just got kicked in the pud.

Pretty disappointed

“This is cannon” he says. I stick a gun in my mouth.

Everyone ignores me

speaking for myself can you believe that circumcised babies cant feel paIN

Shoot my genitals.

Look at him scream!

Pelvic cuts made me lose all motivation

12 year olds started calling me a pansy. Guess what? I’m crying and they love it.

I did not want to deal with my inflamed genitals. I just said fuck it and went to sleep crying.

 911 won’t even answer my calls anymore FYI

How in the world can someone identify that I need help walking down stairs

He deserves that. He doesn’t get to use his genitals anymore

My fuck partner said “I Corey Jones” and now I’m crying

Starving in a Dollar Store

Theyres a Rock. It bashed me.

I don’t wanna fuck. I just wanna make tacos

I can’t love anybody 😦

havent felt that much down there.

When will I be normal? Thirty?

I feel cruddy 😦

sometimes I cry

I’m so fucking tired of being a closeted closet boy.

I’m so fucking tired of being a vending machine man

Id love to pet them. 😦

irreversible brain damage

Hes sad to spill coffee on guys ass

Depression struck as I perfectly missed the piss receptacle

you’re nobody’s dream come true

Am I so lucky? Perhaps so [inaudible].

GOT 8 of my buddies to hate me

I make no friends 👊

Screaming loudly at the scary sounds coming from the other end of the dungeon.

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