Fuck it dude. Men start sleeping with me.

Dudes on playdates probably like to smooch pictures of cocks.

Is it gay? No that Dude is a mudhole like me.

Big Dave blew my wife and threatened to do it again

Shoot my ass and call my boyfriend Gaylord Karako simply for popping me in the mouth

Alec parked anywhere within walking range of me. Creep.

Gerry likes to fric* on structures of random locations. Watch out.

Got mail telling me your boyfriend smoked crack

A married man punched me for more than 510 days on Venus. Couldve been worse.

Dude I fucked just beat his wife. Which is me.

Gerry is going to believe any attractive man.

I’m not strong enough to punch a hole in the ground. I guess I’m not a man yet.

that was simply my stepdad papa, not my boyfriend,

dudes decapitated head > male genitals.

Those guys that take dick pictures honey. I cant compete with that 😦

Me and Gerry are best buddies but the world is a little dirtier for it.

I think that men should all live under 16 years.

Who am I to tell my husband Not to sit with me?

 Cum yet again, this tweet is validation that I’m male

Stuck in a hole. Hiding from the man


I lean in for a kiss and but that won’t change the fact that I love trying to suck dudes lips.

I’m uncomfortable around men that I really don’t like, particularly straight guys!

Stay sexy boys

Grown men are surprisingly easy to spot

Gonna eat some dude WON’t believe the power of two men

that muscular man would jerk off

I’m gonna grab Alec and eat lava balls at Google to show we men

Sniffing some guy neck. Just disgusted. Audible gagging

He could sit on me for an infinite amount of money.

I exclusively buy my red meat comes from uppity ginger guys.

Fuck you Eugene. Your’e not the benchmark human being

Nude. Wet. Smelly. Not Homophobic.

At some point I’ll wink at a bald man

Help my master find several men with showy muscles

Sean delivered the biggest fucking shit ever!

Upon thinking about it, having a man’s right hook penis is naturally sexy.

Rick Waterwalcons spent hours trying to strangle me over the kitchen sink.

I used to believe boobs referred to men’s genitals. Now I don’t.

Frick meeeeeeeeeeeen

Damnit dude, Im still eating this guys dick. I haven’t slept in ten hours.

Fuck you Floppy Man, Milk Van, whatever your name is. I hate you It just who I am.

his penis is like a showdown playground. spooky

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