Love & Relationships

Romeo and Juliet hit it off like old times.

Link in actuality fucking MARRIED ME.

Dating someone whoo did not grow up with many squirrels.

I can no longer call my girl Franky

Genital pics didn’t hype my wife up

Staring directly at the sunset together is pure virginal love.

Looking for a Brunette over 30 to watch TV with. Male or Female.

Hey bro just saw your girl, treat her nice.

My advice on women.. Don’t be cruel to them bro.

my pickup attempted homicide it took my breath away

Doug is definitely my king softie

Divorced lots of kids. Blatantly

Hannah left the limo when Gerry and me were making out

You gonna take off that beanie and show me ur Man crush?

Ignore What You Know. Don’t Dump Me.

I am presiding over BYU marriage adjudication. Joe is marrying a dog?

Joel got married before me and they’ve been….”living out my Valentine’s moment”

Keep giving Yusuf boxes of Legos. He doesn’t seem to like to them But I’m trying

Fat Pete gonna get dinner with me

Falling in love with BootyRoss

Well, would you look at that. My wife just got engaged

Hearing you say “thank you very much my Guy” gives me chills.

got some petty head but my Wife Susan follows orders

She gets away with it! Just because I’m simp!

Dancing in a dog cage because apparently my gf finds it sexy

Ive got a girlfriend with 12 pinky toes.

Cleaning the house with my asshole earns my gf”s complete hatred and respect at the same time

Trying to Jamm my husband in a much too small tank top

sharing is messy

Soul mates are rare and instead you have a lackey.

I drag my nuts on the counter in what my girlfriend calls the ugliest moment of my despicable little life

The biggest mistake I made was telling my gf Hurricane Ryan wasn’t even that bad, in my book,.

Stop tickling me Marty. My gf is starting to jealous of our playful time

love living in the apartment complex where twenty two people can just kiss each other on the lips all fucking night

My friend became ‘Nick the anthropomorphic Duck’ and I refuse to cuddle with him anymore

Daddy buddies? Really?

Triangle hugging him method engaged.

My gf calls me the: Frog God.

You really pushing me into your arms?

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