no real challenges here.:D

glass half empty 😁

Love lots of wet cards in the yard. Top tier ones too. Only complaint is there’s no shiny toys in these bushes.

Pumping orange juice into my hair trimmer.

setback > throw random nutrients at me

I love it when the goal is to be a best boy.

Game changing yet again!

Im laughing my ass off. This is a life.

two types of people in this world: 1. gigglers 2. non-

There has to be a Donald Duck Lego. The only reason to live.

Class comes with lots of perks and you can experience inequality xp every day.

You my friend?

Kids can dive, run, become a dweller, or whatever they are.

 When I was a kid life sucked, but now you can GOOGLE ‘ninja moves’ and your’e bully proof

Poop Dreams

2012 was very poggers

water’s the limit sometimes

What do you do for fun? Start fights in an Iowa Buffalo Wild Wings.

Life can’t get much worse than having weaker children than your friends.

Watching someone celebrate their birthday by leading a reasonable, self-motived life. random tears in my eyes.

I just saw my 9th eclipse perfect!

hi everyone!

Jiggling my way through life.

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