Jokes & Pranks

She startles me with a fat corgi

Im opening the ointments and you can’t stop me

Trying to shock the fuck outta my oh so cautious wife with XL jumper cables.

Bugs with ears, not sure what to do with this joke.

For my next trick I will become very poor.

Mom asked me to fuck this witch to remove a curse. Think it was just a trick

 misbehaving at a pet insurance office 🙂

I jerk off with the same kleenex every time a cop pulls me over for a surprise

Great prank dude. Now I gotta suck cat shit outta my gas tank

Alec won’t even steal sandwiches with me anymore

He scared the loins off me.

I graffiti pud on your border fence,

Gonna stink up the street.

Um.. yeah.. I know. I beat Ralph down. Just for kicks.

What’s your favorite summer tricks? Let me know in the comments down south

Go to the movie theater and try to find me! You can’t idiot!

Sticky… sorry buddy

Shoving a sandwhich in some nerds trumpet

It’s easy to trick gays into purchasing items on sale

Trying to prove I’m the team pest by spitting in all the hats

Buying the worst Ipad to piss everyone off.

Why do I always end up in… ? Hijinks ???

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