Health & Body

I yelled for 296 calories

Not cool appendage out of the testes

hot has made my mouth water

I take anti dumps

I love that the human factor is max.

Depressingly fat southampton lad.

Got a raw carrot stuck in my dick

Got a worm infection

went too hard last night, now I have 64000 shiny logs to release.

Dabbing on ebola

Particularly salty because Urgent Care doesnt give a shit about my salad emergency

I refuse to make it look like I have a digital Doctor.

I got diabetes 😦

Non-runescape BIG flex. I unplugged my eyes from the ceiling and breathed water for the first time.

Diamond skull helps show DAD how veterinarians make us fatlings.

I’m gonna assume your nose hair level. Unauthentic.

I’m sorry guys but Typhoid was actually the most dangerous monster in Panama.

Barry stomps into his just-completed cooch.

20 gross pics of my feet

Please viscously wash my hands. Soap, but the new ketchup also works surprisingly well

I’ll never die. I complimented God’s new eyes!

Hello? Haha! I unplugged my ears!

He won’t let me die every day knowing I’m a true monster Catholic.

When COVID is over I’m just gonna eat grease and throw up in a gallon tank.

I have tears in my eyes when humidity is in the 40s.

I capably hide pee in my pants so I can test HIV positive on a moments notice.

I call my hands bricks because they’re red and I dont know what to do with them

I’m just gonna look at my nuts.

Guess I got an unlucky wrench locked in my asshole.


Let’s fuck some illiterate idiot.

Grab your COVID toes and get somewhere different.

Pumping out bile straight from the fuck organ

Sometimes I dream of having a well groomed dick. A proper king

Joel has an unsafe level of germs in his toaster

 I’m telling You this because I’m a genius. Viruses are definitely better than Diseases.

Trying to shove a magazine clean through your asshole. Yes, that was sanitairey

Do I need to say that this IV trashed my ovaries?

Joel is immune to covid because he tricked me into eating a corndog in one bite

I’m just really trying to be me pediatric Robert, but I’m pretty sure Im catching pneumonia

Doc said I’m big boy healthy

I never obtained larger boob

I sure as heck won the grand prize of supreme lumbar support.

Even after I stopped eating hot glue my ears are still ringing. Doctors are fucking stupid

It’s time for the wacky brain traits test.

I promise Ill speak for every mother fucker out there when I say that childbirth hurts like a bitch


At the right angle, balls look like a zoomed in pic of a butt

Urgent care kit stuck in my asshole.

You think my peen would look less worse with ‘picnic lighting’

Resetting my cock in the back corner of a Subway

You contain the parasite and my mouth is the extractor

breasted what appeared to be foot bacteria for 45 mins

shut up and poop no more

Thats a me nutrient man

Occasionally my immune system does not kick in when I say ‘dinkum’ that changes things..

Where your anus is? Blind searching is not a solid strategy.

Shaving the wrong genitals

Injecting various serums to build character

powered vasectomies

Shoving various wires in open wounds

Not much is known about bacteria. Only thing we know for sure is that Fat Men wield immense power

OMG dude I havent shit in a broader toilet in 10 years

Been saying that PurpleMeat injections refocused my viewing angle.

bones buddy

Pee can go down the sink?)) No way

Punishing someone for touching me,, by puttting them in a room with a unusual temperature

blood could make ALEC really, really, good looking

If they left me raccoon in the grocery store. Diabetes gonna kick in fast

Put some Strain on yourself and review my Dong

balls brain.

giant wet peener

My fuckin’ tummy was too much. Time for a new one

Starting to think donating brain tissue for research is causing some strange side effects

How do people get facial hair done?

I’m allergic to peener!

You maximized my useless cube penis.

reproductive system aged poorly

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