Grab bag

They said something racist but i regurgitated the lyrics.

Big Dave Destroyed Dinosaur Jensen

montage of your sexy face while scooting.

Pic of Doug making out with Vladimir

Im just gonna point to the piss bowl and wink.

Torn between eating a egg and blowing the reactor

Doug Eats Fat Pt. 2 is hard wired into me.

KJ can’t sink my pants. She doesn’t know where I keep it.

This Haunted House is secretly a WOOD CHIP HOUSE

Riffcore. Catfucking ❤

I entered some hostage killing contest when I said.. `artificially wrong Gamergater`

The finger vibrats activated. Nexus max gathered Ultimate potential.

If your name is Ballard you probably know what I’m doing. I’m coming for you.

Hearing your sniff just now I can tell there’s something fishy about the bourbon cellar minister.

Chud had the fastest orgasm of any meme animal, but her words helped so much.

I’d say I’m digestible he said. Wow. What potential

Its been one year since the peanut gallery ended and there’s hope nobody goes to bed til 11 out of respect.

we never used the word sexy literally. I just want to make that clear

How could you resist that wet willy from Daddy?

Alec releases his personality traits said to be proportional to height. He’s now six foot and a moron

I did not buy 250 hugs because I shaved my bare bottom. Fraud claim

It’s pretty funny that 90% of the Postal Service is made of wood.

we must cure hurricanes

guess Crispy Nabokov will Never Walk Again

Teens Are Like Adults, Very Well Could Be Totally Wrong About This One

Floatin and Ham concerts always make me scratch my head

 Gonna fight Rich for a fat dirt bike

 Gerry can’t believe just about everyone died in the 60s. can’t get laid either

Thanks for drafting me Walmart

I like to eat dirt. Like Doug Smith.

Give me unity please Mr. Coconut Baby

I crunched the math. Who do I gotta inform that there’s less than seven days in a week?

I never knew that kissing a baby actually makes them dumber.

I will simp for two seconds or less and just assume you know what I was doing.

Bart gonna kick my ass, but I’m a good hider

Read my full review:

Executive summary:

Wizards are cool

bone in? 😦

Everytime I look at Gerry I think to myself ‘thank god I’m smart”

Scooter? Tower? Garrett?

You made Elon proud. Now you not only have him as a Facebook mom, you also have him listening to lava lamp youtube videos


Spending $400 at Potbelly

Alaska worst state out of 80

I have till 11 to catch enough prairie dogs to win this 100$ cd player

Claiming that kissing someone who isn’t solid is like burning a hole in your leg. I cannot back this up

New synonym for dude ‘booster Lou’

Long Live the King Bug! King Bug!

8 cups of coffee for 2 cents apiece got me playing microgames in my brain

Yeah I mean the only books Gerry has read are cookbooks. I mean look at him

Can we make Banks out of Clay?

You fucking genie on the phone. You magical son of a bitch

Uber is cool if youre rich and an asshole

Dan will be forever but we can’t keep hiding.

Trying to find a public toilet in Las Vegas that’s full of bacteria. Almost not need ask.

i pray dirt falls into the river

Gerry has pea-brain logic

Very conspicuous Ninja Grave with eyeholes

Pouring dirt on your head makes me feel powerful

Starring in a bikini calendar

waiting in line for an accomplished punisher.

Give me da babies?

Im Ron the Frog, the most fearful safari person you know.

Should I throw my kid in there

Id expire within a year of receiving Paradise Kiss.

Entered an eagle eating contest

Release the egg playlist

Is there more Gung-

You’re nothing without the ubrew.

I think that kid ran past me and lost it. Crazy child.

Ike cackles; footwear is no different.

Grabbing something buttery but not microwaving it counts as an act of bravery these days

dick kiss?

Naked mustache fight was my idea

Pick up a hard copy of Kiss Me Live today!

I would have had the dirtiest weiner on the Mayflower…..

A whole lotta cavities of dirt there.

haven’t used my GF pipeline long enough to understand how those monkeys always say “um… wow” and drizzle.

Client 1: Sorry no dirt today. Loved it and would return. Client 2: Its Saturday. Nude. Found them again Saturday.


Hey have you ever sat next to a dull fuck?’

You probably curdle over to the side and count peener linings.

You really getting slammed to the ground? McMurdoed?

I discretely drop inappropriate pictures into the garbage so the boys can find them

Jeans Gerry 3

concentration rocks.

Im all boomers!

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