God & Religion

God really does keep administrating Internet affairs.

I sprayed sacred cows in hell.

I pay god for earthquakes to stop.

exactly how it is in hell. very scared

does God have a heart?

If God created satire he shouldn’t keep getting upset over my jokes about him

Getting railed in an unusual temple of worship

Alec is in heaven. This is a God fact.

That God dude has the literal IQ of a physically ill goat.

The fuck you doin Friday? It ain’t church.

God was flirting with me when he said fuck it and proceeded to fuck my genitals multiple times in a day.

Bible bucks? No. serpent children

If there’s two fellas that look like birds you should pick the more Christian goofball.

God called and didn’t leave a message.

Uh Oh! I offended some deity!

God requires one penny more to create gods big movie. Semen getting into rats 2.

I accidentally intruded on various religious interracial sex offender sessions? Is this a real thing?

Tall, smelling like weed, cheap, limited speak. This is the pope America. Wake up.

God basically rigs events. What a sore loser

Things are looking bad for God

My pristine ass brought tears to the eyes God

GF told me to go fuck myself. Trust me when I say God has no advice for the situation

When the grape juice empty I convert to atheism

Video review: The Shockwave as seen by God

I ain’t lying when I say God castrated the shit out of me with unnatural force

Can you feel me.? Spirit Animal?

What the fuck did I do to god

Buddha is religious. What a fucken scam

Church in separate cooch. Tweet

Who was the first one to think masturbation was sexy? The answer is a helldweller

Mormons attempting to lure me with various baked goods

You literally have to obey your Creator.

Invisible ticks coveR your body in hell


I cannot dream because of a Jesus curse

These people fucked lots of ducks and honoured the demon god of brazil

demon master is pronounced the same way in every language

Listen to me, Pope Francis just said ‘Are you kidding me?  to one of my ideas. So yes it’s good

I aint lying when I say mosques protect you while delivering

be the first man to up the Mormon IQ

I slam my baby pud way better than Larry or God.

I’ve eaten at the feet of Gods, been fed frogs, and been ripped open from inside an egg

The fuck you doing psych? What are you? Magic?

John Smith is thy 2016 pet.

Barry Sanders Is God Et cetera.

Gonna go into my own eat cooch I say loudly in church

Diamonds and pearls are rather important in Ghost Buddhism

Here’s a fun trivia question: do you call a 9-1-1 emergency while I remove the crown off God. ???

Starting to imitate guys walking on water. Could become a messy lifestyle

i knitted for the Christians

Crystal Ball Says Dick Gonna Grow Hell Yeah

I could unlock thousands of random Gods, but how many of them is as Tall as the Prophet Mohammad ?

I arrived at the Promised land. Shortly after arrival though, I got a ominous phone call.

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