Poop Daddy

Daddy sucks on stupidly bad cookie dough

My mom doesnt need me to cheer her on in bed. She knows what I do.

Well well well looks like all six of my daughters got sick.

Mom really just gave me a tail because someone told her about Toy Story

damn i cant wait until yesterday to meet my gamer grandson

My mom is that guy?

It’s hard being a noncitizen. I have a mother not that far away. She doesn’t even see me.

My penis is somewhere worth mentioning. Okay? It fucked my stepdad.

mom said you can’t grow a nut so i have NOTHING TO DO BUT WATCH OUT

Make sure your grandpa is actually smelly before you clean him

Grandpa Bill can only walk outside when its raining because he kicked over a child grave.

I would kill to have a son whose IQ was somewhere in the mid 50s+.

Grandpa Bill is holding me dear and humbling me. Don’t please don’t.

Names your grandma’s might have. Rattlesnake, Gambit, Williams, Dramlas, companyeurope

You can’t brag about having a nerd dad

kickass hot chocolate is a really stupid baby name

I cannot think of many things that would be worse than having Snoopy for a kid

Finished raising three kids. goggler, big wannabe pornographer social worker, and a website master

They didnt tell me my grandpa was going to try to fuck me.

Tell me what im good at SexyAstronomy Dad.

Heck yeah I’m trying to sleep, but I can’t hear over my stepdad making yogurt

My dad used to make burritos at home. We would prepare the puny animals for slaughter. I miss that

Return my three year olds to sender

Here’s the deal. Fitz let mom fuck him. Now he has a daughter.

I’d willingly fuck over my children for profit

Dancing in remembrance of the death of a family car is the most basic household activity.

Working toward getting a first cousin….. Hard work, really feel the sexual potential in there.

full incest is apparently still open for business

I just said fuck it and went to bed  after I \’ saw my creepy momfucker stepdad die

parents fighting in a dog cage

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