drop dead stoner!

Im on da monkee…

Getting that good Putin weed

Bonobo walking up to me on the street. Cause they think I smoke pot?

I’ve eaten opioids once. Now everyone looks like the same cowboy.

It’s time for Roofies to die. I asked God THIS TIME.

Getting high in “all the wrong ways”

LSD is under appreciated for its contributions to modern western society

They weed within feet of me. Bold of them to assume I won’t alert the proper authorities that be

Brady, Sadly, due to weed, convinced my cat to poop in my car

Stealing some weed with John Legend comes down to this:1. Make $100 deposits into Origin. 2. Instaham. 3. Dhals.

Applebee’s embracing marijuana culture

What are the odds on the next president bringing marijuana use to restricted status during certain minutes in the morning?

Oprah now supports legalized pot

Addicted to driving

I have two heads. One which is fat due to weed and the other that is fat due to weed

Going through Withdrawal is temporary, do not ask me why.

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