dying is my final crowdfund stretch goal and my enemies are pushing for it

I’ll be dead before my buddies take serious care of their health.

Wont be dying 😦

It’s time for me to die and become a millennial version of the hit TV show The Nanny.

Thinking about exterminating 100 humans today might change the game drastically.

I’ll bet Gerry will watch his idiot sons get murdered by elephants

Immature child had the fastest death in a year.

I dont even know what Im going to do until I’m dead.

wen I die, there better be some bomb monologues

Dead animals are odd gifts

Gonna write 230 words on the untimely death of my frying pan

I’ve killed 60,000+ people but no one believes me because I’m hot.

I’ve killed 10 people and 5 of those were innocent.

Ethical questions *ex>Should i die? Would the world continue?

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