Im sorry ma’am, Brutus said pour yourself some milk

I say I’m dairy free but we all know I just guzzle the good shit

I’m like the cork in the milk. I make all the decisions

He doesn’t look like he can eat cheese at parties.

I did it. The cure for headaches is to drink too much milk and have a 440 Fahrenheit fever.

breast milk or almond milk. No clue which is which

Licking the forbidden milk

Got lost wandering around in a milk induced haze

It smells like milk ——————– Oh man was I wrong

GOOGLING how to get my birds to drink Almond Milk’

His name is Fetish. He not a boy. He knows dairy.

Not gonna buy ‘homemade shark milk’

After eating nongenetically modified dairy cows I can see traffic better

I drink a single glass of milk and walk down the stairs. The next thing you know, there’s a gang of monkeys sniffing around.

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