cum capacity entirely hiked within a week

Bee that makes cum instead of honey

Cum? In the nog? Holy **** think I have this brilliant new idea

cum coming out of that mom, but that’s private

Yeah cum is cool, but I’m competing with you slut.

Time for you to cum, I really want these waterproof hands.

Cum Margarita Brewing Co. Who lowered the bottle limit?

Cum is like having a GameBoy or something. Low FPS not very good

Eat cum ugly sperm whale

How does cum grow up to become a running baby?

Cum Every Weekend? Yeah In my ****ing grave.

 Clamoring for some $? Fine. Cum

Can’t cum anymore because “I Don’t Breathe Dust”. Yeah that sums it up.

 I’ll cum on a weekday and find myself crying the next night

Spraying cum with very twitchy like movements

The worst tweet I ever thought of was “cumming on torn down confederate statues”

Is it Sperm? No dumbass. This is clearly frostbite.

Cum is all that matters. In my humble opinion, it’s as valuable as straight cash

I pull precum out of my cock and suck on sugarbabies to build a tolerance

You literally just spewed cum all over where I tell my girl to put my coffee. ._.

Cumming like a bear would be unsafe. Trust me. Trust me please

I have several pots full of cum. Where can you store them?

Cum? In this person?

Cum. In here. In the sexist casket. Oooh! Dont be sorry

Wen I die, I probably cum by a nozzle.

Cum is our word

Cum. In Florida.

Planting my seed deep beneath the earth crust

Cum is only once a year 😦

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