iceland cries wolf

fermenting dogs in Vietnam.

In Germany you keep grandma safe

Learn Egyptian by cleaning my triggers

I cant help it Im the happiest Arab

I am as Latin as ice cream.

New holiday just dropped: Falloween

Trust me, I’m an Asian kid. Trust me when I say I’m one of those.

Do I need to convince these illegal immigrants to be against the Chinese market? It’s for a class

Sad to hear, the iPad was not loved in Russia.

Joel can speak fucking Esperanto!

I have never seen someone that has Europeans on the sex list. To me this is obscene.

Minions getting 10/10. Epic.

New marvel Movie but just football

Hissing as loud as I can at various local plays

 Here I am in 2000 BC, grinding rocks

Wait. These statues? What are they? Looking at each others cocks!

Godzilla freaking sucks ass.

{she sat, eating from a bowl as if she were some kind of pile criminal] God I love fiction

Imagine being Russian. You get named Yuv and worked to death mining coal. LOL

Punching my dick to build up truth and feel cultured

Christmas gonna be horrible. Happy New Year!

Donkey meets Mr. Jurassic Park in the most anticipated crossover yet

One time, Alec and I spent hours thinking about our perfect Valentine’s Day.

Batman is simply not attractive. That bar is set at Anime Girls

Favorite movies: Fight Club, Godzilla, Under God Runescape, Bernie Madoff’s Southern Maine Comedy Night, Buffalo Pie, Sing Partying, Getting Three Donkey Bacon

Dreaming of becoming a hot version of Aladdin

¿the loudest decades historically are the least important

Nerds just sentenced me to death for saying ‘waifus are fucking stupid’

My favorite sci-fi scene is the one in which Diarrhea Simmons embodies the fear of God

Season 3 of Detective Pikachu is just you laughing at yourself

I’m literally a Transformer.

Remind me what Thanksgiving is.

Coins were something people invented and that blows my f*icking mind

Secret Santa blew my nuts

Some days I just can’t do anything without my favorite cartoons riling me up.

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