Pigeon juice and Wolf acorns fill my open lids.

Is there anyone who cannow overcharge monkeys????

possum, jackle, Butt Stuff.

Bad whales are unable to mate in my zoo

Just got called a venomous water buffalo

ash stuffed teddy bear

They literally strapped an Eagle on a rocket ship.

Jumping straight into the aquarium… The koi are selfishly not extending an olive branch

Ive seen a raven fuck. It was not as hot as you’d think

smashing rats at Menlo Park

God I fucking hate ducks.

Im beating these monkeys but they’re tied pretty poorly.

Licking lice off animals is hard. Head up king

God dude, the world is full of happy pigs.

Soup is my indifference animal.

I love it when a fellow frog pats my asshole

Here I am catching another buffalo eating cum. This job sucks.

I’ll earn an unbeaten animal someday

I really worry about mole children.

I’m a dollar a gopher – I can buy Viagra from Sears.

This bird has a lot of disabilities. Disheartening!

This Lemur just gonna sit on my chest?

Creep. I kept fucking fish at Christmas.

Why am I frightening these apes?

Ill say it: I vaccinate my cat.

Giraffes guys

Are you scared to question your pet’s sex life? Cuck shit. I write that shit down in my dream journal

ART??? It’s animal porn?

After thinking about it I think the idea of fish is kinda fucked

 I enjoy whale milk as much as do aunts. So like a lot obviously

3D dinosaur shit

Think about what a dirt worm ISP is. You take a shit and itch every night. Guess what, nobody likes taking cunt rides.

Skunks are the enemy

putting my ear to the door to check for lizards

Skin humans have less endurance.

Hiding from hawks in an Autozone

Love that just anyone can fuck a horse.

Theres a baby parrot walking across the bedroom. Let me support buy him

I tell my wife bees don’t miss. She divorces me

Loads of dogs… This is gonna break me

I do not play well with goats

Cow seconds, Mouse seconds. We all share the same length of time

how do I get rid of 10 virgin pigs?

Joining the misfit worm gang

I spin like a raccoon high on some forest berries

Cornered a monkey and I’m currently planning my next move on the fly

Trust me Thunder cannot and will not make a cougar cum

Who was the first to kill a cow? Can you imagine?

Straight blown away by a frog boob.

did i say camel fucking was not a deal breaker?

Beaver coming out of the hog water pot.

What’s your favorite butterfly joke?

Anyone seen the ape dressed up like a hot girls?

look at these robust, rugged new hens.

*pigeon drips water out of the tank*

can you layflat with jellyfish?

I’ve never seen a hog dick in my life. Not even close to doing so.

It’s easier to push over one of my pigs if they standing up (not that thats an excuse).

Allow me conclude this word salad but it is at least partially due to the fact that many chickens don’t share my limited references.

Gazing at 10 kittens! What

Guess Im tired of just standing around talking to squirrel shit.

Sometimes I live in fear that the lethality of pit bulls will no longer turn me on.

Admiring a raccoon.

cats are gaining blistering popularity

Too few animals purr

Chickens warming babies with their ass is Legendary

I turn to monkeys for newsgroup news

Wagging my crocodile in public

Being a pig could make you <bisexual>

ape art

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