First 10 Minutes Review Episode 1: Lords of The Fallen

Introducing a new video series “10 Minute Reviews” were we review the first ten minutes of a game. Over the years my friend Alec and I have amassed a pretty impressive collection of video games spanning many console generations. We were almost certain we would never play them all, so we decided to put them all in a list and pick a random one to play. Since we have very little time, and so many games to play, we thought that we should play only the first ten minutes and review it because the first ten minutes is all that matters anyways.

In this episode I get terribly lost, and struggle to make it through the tutorial. Alec also claims that Lords of the Fallen is his favorite game, but fails to offer any advice to help me progress.

Sorry for the weird video distortion and poor audio. I’m learning!

1 thought on “First 10 Minutes Review Episode 1: Lords of The Fallen

  1. First. (You made a video; yay!!)


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