Based on my track record of lying, this is probably the right one.

learn to fear trails

You really need to borrow my secret gasoline!

If you drink from a child’s grave you’lll collapse

youre a simkey leg now. I don’t make the rules

if you get a bad leaky in your pants, yell till help arrives

Hubert is just a technician. No use complaining about it. Just use what you have.

Mole Men are getting busy! // Careful!

2015 called. said you’re really gonna enjoy fall lol

“Are you kidding me? You could tell Gerry wasnt smiling because of something you did.”

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with going to the zoo.

Breakup advice: get asylum in Russia

Step 1: take a shit

Before I answer “I don’t know

Where To Phone Sex? ? HELP

A good way to tell if a pot is actually new is by inspecting for peener marks.

Know your Meme: Take a picture of your face while shitting

if you scammed cash off me for an iPod carry on

Listen if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s never give me rim.

My mental health advice is simple. Head to the toilet regularly.

Before I answer that, DM me for the “hottest deals”

feel free to spot and point out my cute little habits

No baby is going to get into the hole under the counter. Trust me, I have infrared.

Fundamental flaw in storing currency,, you have To remember where you put it

Combating global warming is simple just adapt to life in cold exotic land somewhere { stares at space laughing}.

Eat nothing but carrots and you too can harness the power of hurricanes..

Say this five times fast: I won’t forget about my nap buddy.

injure children スノー

shut up and start shitdating

PLEASE., get fucked idiot and use my intelligence test often

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